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The Process

HypnoHero features a patented one of a kind question and answer process, which places your unique personal tastes into your hypnosis/mediation listening experience. Sit back, listen and enjoy a custom made hypnosis/mediation that is just right for you.



Create your own personalized hypnosis/meditation with HypnoHero’s "Write My Own" advanced technology. You can choose to write or record your own 100% personal hypnosis/meditation, choose one of our 650+ prepared topics or just write a few key sentences to be added to your chosen hypnosis topic.



Put on your headphones relax and simply listen to one of our custom hypnotic voices as it guides you into a deep meditative state helping you attain your desired goal. Our technologically perfected, hypnotic voices have both perfect pitch and inflection, creating a natural, relaxing, and totally immersive hypnotic/meditative experience just for you.



Elevate your HypnoHero experience with binaural music and nature sounds while dramatically accelerating your results, with our exclusive "anytime autosuggestion" feature. Autosuggestion is your exclusive shortened “topic only” version, which you can listen to anywhere-during your commute or while you jog, relax or workout...listen anytime and anywhere.



HypnoHero is based on a scientifically proven and patented technology, reaching over 1.5 billion people on three continents.

Translations are supported in these languages:


HypnoHero is available for the iPhone & iPod Touch.You can download the app from the App Store

  About the App

HypnoHero is a technologically advanced Hypnosis/meditation self help app offering a quick and powerful custom hypnosis/meditation experience. This app is based on a patented and proven methodology under exclusive license.


If you have any questions, comments or want to know anything about our app. Please send an email to info@hypnohero.com. Someone from our award winning customer service department will get back to you as soon as possible.